From the land we care for so much to the table we hold in such high esteem. Because wine is best enjoyed around a nice table, where the food and wine come together, turning into something blissful, to create a real, memorable experience with one aim: to celebrate life. Today, our commitment to linking the pleasure of wine to the pleasure of gastronomy takes shape through La Bodeguita Miguel Torres, where we aim to bring Chilean finest wines and from around the world together with the classic – and sometimes lost – Chilean cuisine of a country that’s in our hearts. Inspired by the regional flavors of Chile, this is a place that invites us to connect to the culture, people, and unique nature of this country, transmitting colors, textures, flavors, and aromas that awaken our memories.

Miguel Torres Maczassek

Executive President, Miguel Torres Chile


Our wine list is dedicated to a selection of sparkling wines, liqueurs, Cavas, and Champagne, including a wide variety of styles of red and white wines, icons of Chilean valleys and global winemaking, blends, specialties, and wines from small-scale producers. Particular emphasis is given to wines that are the result of a painstaking search and years of effort, that are able to revive ancestral varieties, also known as heritage wines. With our wide range of wines, we want to awaken the curiosity, taste, and passion for unforgettable pairings, to create moments and experiences for each of you in a casual and modern environment, so you can celebrate new sensations just waiting to be discovered. We hope you enjoy it!

Jaime Valderrama

General Manager, Miguel Torres Chile


Through our talent, calling, and passion, we are fully committed to an aim that unifies us: Reinterpreting Chilean cuisine in perfect harmony with our wines and spirits, through a welcoming experience and a real commitment to excellence and the environment. Our proposal is to create modern Chilean cuisine that respects each ingredient, that emphasizes tradition and creativity, in perfect harmony with our family wines, which you can find at La Bodeguita, in the heart of Vitacura, in a setting that encourages experience and discovery. La Bodeguita is the kind of place you can fall in love with, and we’re already smitten...

Our Team

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